From Paris to Provence

  I’m leaving for another foodie trip to Europe soon. Think Salon du Chocolat and white truffle hunting. And swoon. You can follow some of my adventures on my Facebook page. This last year I celebrated a milestone birthday. When my daughters were born, birthday parties became their domain. As three-dimensional, kiddified and edible versions... Continue Reading →

Four Kitchens and a Courtroom

  Many years ago, way before Instagram or even email, I would consume  Architectural Design and Interior  magazines from overseas with a voraciousness. One time, I found an article in a magazine about a beautiful, eclectic, character-full  Parisian apartment.  There was an immediate knowing, there was just something about it, almost a deja vu or a sense... Continue Reading →

Of Family and French Fairytales

Hi everyone, Happy Friday!!!! The theme for Scarlett’s bat mitzvah was Versailles. Versailles is known for its breathtaking aesthetics. But it’s so much more: Versailles is about  history and love stories. Books have been written about how Versailles sets the benchmark for modern design and architecture. That’s the overarching frame. But what you might not... Continue Reading →

Dessert with a Twist

Hi everybody, I know some of you from far and wide have been waiting to hear a bit of news about Scarlett’s bat mitzvah. I tantalized you by posting some pictures of our reconnaissance trip in Versailles earlier this year. Many of you know that I pour my heart and soul into the creation of... Continue Reading →

An Affair in Piemonte Part I

Our little factory is growing. Our marshmallows are a case in point. Until now each marshmallow has been individually hand-dipped and smothered in Belgian couverture chocolate, one at a time. So central is the ritual of chocolate dipping in our factory, that it has a rhythm - all the dippers shake off the extra chocolate... Continue Reading →

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