Dessert with a Twist

Hi everybody, I know some of you from far and wide have been waiting to hear a bit of news about Scarlett’s bat mitzvah. I tantalized you by posting some pictures of our reconnaissance trip in Versailles earlier this year. Many of you know that I pour my heart and soul into the creation of... Continue Reading →

Saffron’s Bat Mitzvah Part II

In my last blog, I started describing my daughter Saffron's bat mitzvah and how it  was so linked to the precious spice. But I realised I haven't told you how I came to name her Saffron in the first place. You know how some things in life  happen back to front? Well,  I knew my daughter's... Continue Reading →

Saffron’s Bat Mitzvah Part I

Now that you’ve got a little background about my passion for life-changing parties, you will understand why I was a little intimidated when my daughter’s bat mitzvah approached. How was her bat mitzvah going to stand out from her birthday party? After a lot of sleepless nights, of toiling over what we were going to... Continue Reading →

  In celebration of my daughters’ lives and birthdays, I have dedicated myself to creating extraordinary birthday parties for them. When my daughter, Saffron, was five months old, I was involved in an armed robbery while she was sleeping. For those of you who don’t live here, South Africa is such a beautiful and dynamic country with... Continue Reading →

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